Rumors are circulating about Texas Timers going out of business or dropping some products.  Neither is correct. The facts are our worker of over 25 years is old and has been diagnosed with  a very serious illness. As he begins an exhaustive series of treatments he has notified us he will no longer produce the mechanical timers. And will not in the future. Attempts to find a replacement have  been futile. We can all be pleased with the tremendous quality timers he has made for us for all the many years. His  departure affects all of our wet fuel timer line.

We have already run out of stock on some models and others are in low supply. Others are in pretty good stock and sufficient to supply years of normal demand. With thousands of our timers out there globally, it will be a new world of reusing old timers rather than buying a new one. And, very importantly, taking better care of the timers you already have. This means keeping them clean and always using our dust covers or doing a very good job of sealing the timer compartment in the fuselage and doping it to prevent loose balsa dust from flying around inside and getting in the tiny gears.

We have elected to not raise prices with falling inventory and, yes, falling demand. The demand for the wet fuel timers has dropped dramatically over the past two years as electric flying has gained in popularity.

To prevent some from trying to profit from this limited supply by buying up large parts of our remaining inventory, we have put a limit of two mechanical timers per year per customer. If we sense any attempts to capitalize on this situation we reserve the right to refuse sales.

We will continue to supply the accessory items such as fuel line and bladder items as long as it makes business sense. Repairs may be done as long as we can. We have lots and lots of internal parts and quite a few new faceplates and some scrolls. Anyone want 2000 raw Russian mechanisms?

We keep our web site current, so please check to see if what you want is on it. If it is, then we have it. If not, it is gone.

Nothing about all this effects our great electronic timer business in any way. We build all the timers ourselves in the US and will continue to do so. If you want a hundred eMAX timers, we are happy to accept and ship your order.

We hope this clears up all your questions and ends the false information on the situation.


Thanks for your business over all the years, and yours truly,

Hank the Timer Guy. C.E.O. of Texas Timers