We made the deep thread scroll primarily for big engine applications where there is a large amount of vibration that could cause the DT wire to shake out of the grooves with the standard scroll. The photo above sort of lets you see the added depth of these threads with the white label behind it. This scroll has winding ears and the added thread depth reduces the the ID of the inside of the scroll. Since it has winding ears, no winder tool is need. However, some like to clip the ears off, so a special winder is needed. This winder will also work with any other timer using the steel screw that has the wide slot. The steel screw with a wind slot is needed to use a winder

We converted all our multi-function timers over to use a deep thread scroll and extra stiff DT wire many years ago. As a result, we will offer scrolls as a separate item only for some retrofit uses. Because the stiff DT wire is equally important, If your application is high vibration, then you need to usethe new model timer.


Texas Timers Deep Thread Scroll SOLD OUT    Price: $6.50 ea.
Steel Screw for use with Winder                                Price: $6.50 ea.