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A lightweight mount that replaces the threaded engine back cover and allows a radial mount directly to the firewall. It provides for easy adjustment of thrust line and reduces the total flying weight of a model.  The mount has 12 pre-drilled holes for convenient installation.  We have four versions of this mount. Another for the new VA MK II, one for the Cox TD and Medallion .049/.051 and one for the Brodak .049/.061.  The mounting hole pattern is the same for all three engine types for interchangeability. 

We do have a radial mount for the G&Z engine, but it is a different design. You can see it Here

If you are using the Cox engines, then you likely also require a performance Needle Valve for use with pressure fuel feed. We have just what you need. Click Here. The Cox mount is sold out. No more.


AME/Norvel Radial Mount. Price: $9.50 ea.
VA MK II Radial Mount. Price: $9.50 ea.
G&Z Radial Mount. Price: $12.50 ea.