Unquestionably the best super-soft tubing for use with .020 engines and the typical homemade plastic toy (a.k.a. Tomy) timers.  It is very soft and will crush or fold over with little force. The tubing has a wall thickness of about 1/64th of an inch and an ID of 1/16th inch.  It is made from a proprietary type of silicone compound that is far superior to any other tubing.  You can expect it to outlast latex five-to-one, even with high nitro fuels and exposure to sunlight. Long term storage has no noticeable effect on it. This fuel line is a real good buy. When used with our Micro I or Micro Max timers you may need to put a thin ply shim behind the tubing to adjust for its small diameter. Generally, not, but some times desirable.


We have never carried the usual latex tubing for fuel lines because all the products were basically the same, and we could not offer anything better to the modeling community.

That is all changed now. We have located 1/8th -inch tubing made from the same space-age material used in our .020 tubing.  This size is perfect for all 1/4A and up free flight use.  It is so soft that even our competitor’s timers will pinch it off.  But much more importantly, it greatly outperforms and out lasts the latex type of fuel line.  No more gummy fuel lines caused by deterioration with high nitro fuel usage or long exposure to sunlight.  Plus, it can be stored in your box for years with no effect.  It is superior to the usual 1/8th  latex tubing in all ways. This is the answer to all your glow fuel line needs.


Diesel Use - For a long time I did not suggest this be used with diesel fuel. I have since heard from customers in Australia as well as the US who are using it. This is what one US customer had to say:
"FYI: Your 1/8 small tubing does work for me on diesels. I've been using the same piece on my ED .19 diesel in my 51" Ascender for three years, using your mouse trap (remote). No problems! Works for me! - Larry" (Larry Davidson, Moneta, VA)

This from a customer in Australia on 9/25/13 (I've been using your fuel line exclusively with diesel engines for the last four years - no problems at all).

The tubing has a wall thickness of 3/128th of an inch, which is midway between 1/32 and 1/64. It is almost clear, so you can easily see fuel in the line. Give it a try and you will never use the “other” tubing again. Great for use with the Texas MICRO I timer.











X-Small Fuel Line. Price: $2.00/ft
Small Fuel Line. Price: $1.75/ft