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The Texas 3F timer family does not have winding ears on the scroll. We developed this tool to make it easy to wind the spring. The tool is also helpful when adjusting the the upper disk for the time delay on Function 2 as well as the scroll setting for DT time. Certainly, a common screwdriver would to the job, but it can be hard to handle when trying to hold everything in place. Our tool is made to rest in the hollow scroll, and in conjunction with the new steel screw used on the 3F, the tool can not slip accidentally on you. Note that the steel screw has a extra wide slot, just for the tool.

The Tool is available as an option for customers of the 3F model timer. The 3F timer comes with a new, longer steel screw. to accommodate the stacking of the multiple disks. The steel screw used in the 3F does not fit other timers. THIS TOOL IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

We know that customers of our other timers will want a steel screw for the added strength over the standard brass screw. We also know that some customers do not like the winding ears supplied on our scrolls. So, we have made up a new steel screw that can be used to retro fit all other timers. If the ears are cut off the scroll, the new winder can be used with the new steel screw. So, we are making both items available to all customers. NOTE: this screw is NOT for the 3F, it is only to replace the screw used in our other timers.

There is a longer steel screw for the 3F. Winder tool is no longer available.


Standard Steel Screw (not for 3F timer) Price: $6.50 ea.
Long Steel Screw for 3F timer) Price: $6.50 ea.