Texas Timers is pleased to announce a new mounting system for small drone type motors that works particularly well for Free Flight as well as smaller RC models. The typical drone type motor has four mounting screws in the back in a 16 mm by 19 mm pattern. 16 mm by 16 mm available on request. Most mounts available require large firewall areas. This new mount only needs a 7/8 inch circle, and allows easy thrust line adjustments. To see what it looks like click HERE

And, of particular importance, it provides for rapid and easy changes in the CG by moving the motor distance from the firewall through the use of a long stud on the mount. Users can either drill a hole in the firewall to allow the stem to fit through so the motor can be moved forward or backward.  Or, if desired, the flier can simple cut off the stud to the desired fixed length.

The mount as supplied has a stud length of 1 3/8 inches and a typical diameter of 8.3-8.4 mm. The mount is 3D printed in either nylon or polycarbonate plastic. Both are strong for this  use. The stud fits into a machined Aluminum ring that is mounted to the firewall with a users choice of machine screws or conventional screws.

Our early drone mounts were 3D printed with no reinforcements. They were not as strong as needed to survive ground strikes and were prone to early failure. We now put a carbon rod inside the stem and since then there have been no problems. Yes, we replaced all of the early ones. The weight increased a little, but there is still nothing better on the market. We have learned a lot about 3D printing for sure.

Total of weight of the mount pieces is 4.7 grams. With the stem cut off for a short mount, the weight is only 3.6 grams

The photos show the mount attached to a typical drone type  motor and the separate pieces.  The Al ring is the type used on a AX1806N motor and the user can supply his own if desired. The ring has two grub screws that bite well into the plastic stem material. Ignore colors shown in the photos. Production is either clear or black, suppliers choice.

This is an ideal mount for the increasingly popular drone type motors and is superior to anything else available.  Cost of the complete system is only $10, If desired the plastic motor component is available for $6 and  the Al ring for $5.



Drone Motor Mount with Al Ring. 16mm x 19mm                Price: $10.00
Drone Motor Mount only 16mm x 19mm                               Price:$6.00
Al Ring only                                                                              Price:$5.00