This is the 1/2A Starduster X of Don DeLoach in Colorado Springs. CO. Don is a top competitor in all classes of free flight. This shows how he uses the Micro I to give him a quick DT. This method was published in the NFFS Free Flight Digest and is shown in our Helpful Hints area in this web site. According to Don, the spring is 0.009" wire wound on a 2 mm mandrel. The loop is Dacron line and it is placed in a scroll groove below the engine kill wire. Test this to be sure you do not have too much drag on the scroll and cause the timer to slow or stall.

The pressure bladder, fitting, check valve, and fuel line are from Texas Timers, as is the radial mount for the TD engine.

This is a different way to do the fast DT or to add a second function such as auto rudder or stab. The customer has located the engine trip wire on the wrong side of the scroll. It should be on the bottom. I do not know if this is intentional or not and I have lost the name of customer who sent it to me. Hey, if it works, who am I to say it is wrong?