With the withdrawal of Seelig timers from the market, we have had a number of inquiries about the robustness of our timers with very large engines. I had no specific data on this, or field use reports either way. I requested feedback from SCAT (Southern California Aero Team) as well as modelers I knew who flew larger planes. No reports of problems were received and a number of testimonials are shown below. We will post any more data as it becomes available.  Our new 3F timers uses the same clockworks as all the timers mentioned below, but it has increased mechanical strength in the overall construction, which should only add to the durability. Note: these comments only refer to Texas Timers products,  and not to any others.

Most of the comments below are unsolicited and were just clipped from messages received from our customers. Most apply to our timers in general, not to any specific model.


"Sure do use them (TEXAS TIMERS) in big stuff, and have for the past few years. I've never had any problems with them shaking to pieces like the KSB timer does. I use the MAX III in all my Nostalgia and AMA Classes stuff. I have a K&B 3.5 in my A/B and a OS 46 in the C/D. I'm running a OS 15 MAX III in A Nos, a Veco 29 in B Nos and a Veco 35 in C Nos." - Hank Sperzel 2/09/03

 "Hank, I have been using three of your ABC timers for over eight years now in large K&B engines with really no trouble. Two models are Pilferd Pearls, one with a K&B 6.5, the other with a K&B 7.5. The other is a 788 Satellite with a K&B 7.5. Unfortunately, I destroyed this model at the KOI this past December due to "pilot error". Anyway, the only thing I had to watch when using these larger engines was to make sure the timer did not start early due to the vibration. I usually put a little more tension on the start switch to make it hold tighter. The only experience I have with your Max III with DT is in a maverick with a cyclone. I love the timer. I also would love to hear of anybody who has used this particular timer in a large engine like a K&B. Here is my 788 Satellite with K&B 7.5. Keep me abreast."- Jimmy Bocckinfuso 2/09/03

"Hank, I'm using a K&B 6.6. The snurley ported one. I used my 6.5 on the same size plane last year using your regular Max 3. It flew very good. I was lucky enough to finish 2nd for the National Cup for Classic Power. My new plane weighs about 7 oz lighter than my other one. Hope it stays in one piece." - Jack Marsh 2/10/03

Hi Hank, I have been using Texas timers since before you took over, and have only had one problem that I can remember. One of the Max lll would stop during the dt phase. I sent it back to you and you fixed it. It was new. I haven't had any vibration problems for the last 5 years that I can remember. I attribute this to the fact that I mount the timers further back from the engine than most flyers do. I use them on all size ships from 1/2 A thru Super D. I think you put out a quality product and I will continue using them when and if the old ones ever wear out. Thermals  - Lynn Pulley  2/17/03

On the Satellite 800 I am using a K&B 6.5 (.40) RIRE left over from my formula one pylon racing days. Noticed you had a question on SCAT a week or two ago about large engines and timer wear. I am using a Fox .35 combat special on my Ramrod 750 with one of your Texas Max timers. It has been on there for about 3 years. So far so good. The Fox vibrates dramatically. They are known for that. The K&B is much smoother and runs 4,000 rpm more on the same 10/4 prop, 14,800 for the Fox vs 18,200 for the K&B. - Gene Smith  2/20/03

Thanks Hank. I love your timers! I want you to know how much I respect and appreciate what you have done to perpetuate and improve our free flight hobby -- I don't know what would have happened if you had not developed the Texas timer market for us. besides, your timers are the best AMA and Nos timers available. THANKS Hank! -  Mel Allen April, 2003

Dear Hank, You are so right: I did seem surprised at the price of the TX3F-I. I  now realize the Value of this multi-function beauty. I love it. Thanks for the extra kit  winder.- KC Calif. May,10,03

Hi Hank, How are you? Just a quick note to let you know I received the micro timer today. It's a beautiful piece of work, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I will bring it to the next S.A.M. club meeting to show it off. Thanks for the speedy shipping.- Bobby 05-21-0

Thanks for your query, though, it's nice to know that you consider the customer's needs. A general comment on Texas timers : I've tried all sorts - Selig, KSB, ones from Poland, even made my own - but I find the Texas units to be best. Not the cheapest, but the best! Best wishes - Bernard Scott. New Zealand 05/.24/03

Many thanks for Your phantastic service and wonderful products. After building all my new models I will send You pics about Your installated products. Best regards - Guenther Germany 05/24/03

On behalf of free flighters everywhere, thanks so much for the service you provide, which is vital to the continued enjoyment of all of us. Yours is a quality, dependable product that is appreciated by so many in our hobby. Thanks also for all the work you do and have done for NFFS. I really appreciate your input on the various issues over the past few years.
Yours is always a practical approach to the problems that need solving. See you at Muncie.- BH 05/28/03

I really appreciate the fine service. The Texas Timers are more than I had hoped for.- O.M. New York 06/02/03

Too bad about Seelig. It seemed those timers would never stop like they did. But, yours are better, anyway, and Seelig did put out some crappy units in the past. In fact, I have crashed probably 10 planes cause of Seelig's gears causing the timer to quit. Never quit on the ground checks. But when I launched, I planted several big D ships cause the gears weren't right, according to Doug G. Never crashed with your units.- S.S California 06/02/03

I saw a discussion (on your website?) about the dt trip wire cutting into the scroll. I have one Seelig timer. I noticed some metal shavings coming off the scroll. I watched carefully and saw that if I had the wire on the scroll when I wound it, the wire would actually remove metal from the scroll. I used some fine emery cloth to smooth the edges of the DT wire and
made it a point not to place the wire on the scroll until the timer was fully wound. That solved the problem with the Seelig. I have not seen that problem with your timers but I still make it a point not to engage the DT wire until the timer is wound. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea if I checked all the DT wires for sharp edges. There is another good reason not to engage the DT wire until the timer is fully wound. If the DT wire is engaged while you wind the timer, the wire will ride down the scroll. If you forget to reset the wire before launching the model a longer flight can be the result with the model being lost or flying off the field into some hazard. (don¡¯t ask me how I know this) - magazine columnist June, 2003

Hank - Got my order in the mail yesterday. It's the first time I think I've ever seen your stuff "up close and personal". I'm impressed!- NFFS Life Member 06/10/03

Keep up the good work, these timers are great! - M.E.  New Zealand October, 2003

(The below comment is from a flier about the Micro I timer that he uses on Class C size planes. He shakes them to death -Hank)

The timers are great, I've never broken one yet, It's just those damned wires. And the solution is to bend them around a peg instead of that sharp bend you insist upon. I'd use one on my Super D except it now has a three position stab. - D.N. Arizona  October 2003

Question I asked of a customer ( Now you have my interest up. Why are you shock mounting the timer and how are you doing it? Is this for a very large engine plane? Did you have a problem with my timer that lead you to shock mounting? I am really interested in some background on this.)
His reply is below

In the past, I used Seelig timers (I mainly fly AMA large gas) and suspected that wear from engine vibration was being aggravated by having the timer mounted rigidly to the fuselage. So, I started mounting the timers rigidly to an aluminum plate that I then mount to the fuselage. The aluminum plate has big mounting holes, so that I use a screw with rubber tubing covering the threads where it passes through the plate. This, coupled with rubber washers and a rubber gasket between the aluminum plate and the fuselage means that the timer is completely isolated from the fuselage by rubber.

Of course, all this may be unnecessary overkill. I only recently started using your timers (Max III). I haven't had any problems, but continue my old practice for a bit of insurance. -
Dave Colorado November, 2003

Thankyou for your prompt reply. I have in fact purchased your products before and have been impressed with the quality and efficiency. They have not failed and bring my models 'back alive'. -John Scotland November, 2003

I actually have had no troubles with the 3F. It is my best timer in just about all regards.The 3F is state of the art, as far as I am concerned. - Bob, well known long time competitor December, 2003

Merry Christmas! A quick note to say the timers arrived today and I¡¯m off to our Nationals tomorrow so the timing ended up perfect. Very impressed with the timers and particularly pleased with the Micro ??C thanks for talking me into it! All the best for the New Year. -S.C. New Zealand  December, 2003

I am very satisfied with the timers as I think they are the best on the market -JE Scotland January, 2004

BTW I didn¡¯t do any shock mounting on this one. Matter of fact, none of my models have shock proofing for the timers and I¡¯ve never had a malfunction. I am beginning to think that the guys with the KSBs and the Seeligs are the ones who are having problems and they are just warning me about timer vibration in general. In appx 150 flights over the last 12 months I have not had a single problem with one of your timers. And these are in models with very shaky engines: K&B 6.5 and Rossi .65. All of the timers I am using are either Max III or Max IIIa. By the way that inline fuel clamp and plastic check valve are great too. I have ¡??sold¡?? lots of these for you at meets from Denver to Texas to Eloy. People just love them. - Don regarding his use of Texas MAX and MAX A timers with big engines. March, 2004

(name deleted) has had a lot of failures on his 711 with the Tatone (KSB) DT timers. He may see the light soon. He's been using your timer for engine cut off with no problems. - Larry March, 2004

Dear Hank, Thank you for manufacturing a reliable time for Free Flight. I use them in all my planes. Thermals, S.T. California April 4, 2004

Hi Hank..............My order has arrived over here and a am very happy with everything. I would consider your product to be one of the best i have seen. The service you provide is very good as well. It is hard to believe i have found a source for timers and helpfull service and advice from one place. I will certinally be in contact again and i will let my friends know how great your timers are. The MAX 111 A is great and will fit the vintage power models really well. I will need a few multi function timers soon and now that i have seen yours i might forget about the others i already have . I am still learning how to trim F1J.so a 4 function with one lever facing foreward for flood off is what i am after. That is flood off to front.and VIT Auto rudder and DT to rear Although not a flood off type the Max111 A might do if it had more functions.....Do you make one like that? Thanks again for everything........ Dale Australia April 4, 2004

Hello Texas Timers....
I just placed my first order with you and it was very easy....nice going. All your catagories are easy to access and placing my order with PayPal was a cinch.....Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the ease of ordering from you. P. A. California June 27, 2004

Hi Hank, I just flew the O.S. .29 T-Bird  about 20 more flights yesterday and today and the timer, Max IIIA is still flawless! The .29 is turning over 16K with an APC 9 1/2 X 4 1/2.  L.D. July 21, 2004

Hello, Hank in the Hills
I would like to report excellent service from your folks at TexasTimers. Last Friday about 12:00 noon CDT I ordered two of the one way check valves for use in the pressure line on an engine running crankcase pressure, per your advice. I ordered from your website. I would like to report that I received them by USPS today (Monday). If my ancestors that migrated to Texas from Tennessee many many years ago could have made it that fast, I'm sure that they would have come to Texas much earlier. Many thanks to the folks at Texas Timers for quick service and a good looking product. Regards K.C. July 19, 2004

Old Timer B timer and mountings arrived safe and sound in the UK this morning, Very happy both with prompt service and great quality. regards  J.W. September 2, 2004

Your products and customer service are as good as it gets and I really appreciate both. Matter of fact, I'll be ordering more soon. Best Regards, Bill September 19, 2004