We made a small number of our new RDT systems for use in testing and to refine the way we modify the plastic housing for the hand held transmitter. As such, the plastic case is not as refined as we hope for the final production. Also, the label on the front of the transmitter was undergoing changes to locate the markings and holes. Both the receiver and transmitter electronics are full production design and all parts are the final parts. Therefore, when used for the intended purpose, the preproduction models are equal in all respects to production and you can expect full performance with it.

This is a photo of a typical pre-production RDT system. The receiver is shown in both the raw finished board and with the needed shrink protective covering. The covering guards the electronics from damage due to handling. The weight of the raw finished receiver board is slightly under 2 grams. The shrink covering adds a small amount to the weight and varies a bit on the type of shrink used.

The cable shown is used for charging the small LiPo used in the transmitter. It is used with any standard LiPo charger than can be set for a single1S cell with a charge current of 0.20 or 0.30 amperes. The battery is good for hundreds of DT actions and quickly recharges. Replacement spare batteries are available from us at a nominal cost. It is not needed for usual Free Flight use.