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A new timer to meet the needs of fliers who are using auto surface control requiring three functions. Several years were spent gathering inputs and making what seemed like a hundred prototypes. We were just not satisfied with any of them, until now. Finally, this is a timer that can proudly carry the Texas Timers name. It uses construction methods to make it a very strong timer. One that is made to take the beating from today's hot and high revving engines. For example, the faceplate is constructed using much thicker metal than our other timers, the rear posts on the clock are soldered in place-no screws to come loose, a special steel screw has been made to hold the scroll and disk assembly to the main shaft. This provides added strength as well as offers a wider slot  for our new winding and setting tool, which greatly adds to the ease in winding the clock as well as setting precise times for the Function 2 delay and scroll DT time.

Perfect for the F1P event.

We have learned that many of our customers are actually using the second function as a quick DT. Had not expected that, but it is a good way to use this timer.

If you intend to use this timer with big engines having a lot of vibration, we do suggest use of the model timer built for this. See Design Changes (below). See our Vibration topic in Helpful Hints.


Is it expensive? It may be, if you are looking for an "el cheapo" timer. I do not make timers like that. Is it really expensive?.

We have changed all of our timers to use a new type of scroll that has significantly deeper grooves to retain the DT wire in the presence of strong vibration, and to use a DT wire that has a 20% increase in diameter, which makes it TWICE as stiff.  These are very noticeable enhancements to the timer.

 See our Vibration topic in Helpful Hints.

First 360 Rotation time (seconds)30 21
Maximum DT time (minutes)5+ 3+
Faceplate size (inches)1.06 X 2.2 1.06 X 2.2
Weight (grams)23.4 23.4


Texas 3F I    Price: $70.00 ea.  
Texas 3F III  Price: $76.00 ea.  SOLD OUT **


Texas 3F I  Price: $80.00 ea.  Converted to the speed of the III


Texas Reverse Remote Pinch Off   Price: $16.00 ea. NOT SOLD WITHOUT A TIMER  
Texas Start on Launch Switch  Price: $30.00 ea.  
Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.00 per bag  
Power Oval Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.50 per bag  
**The 3FIII is sold out. You could order the 3F I timer converted to the speed of the 3F III for a $10 adder or you can order the 3F IIIA  timer.