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A fair question. Very simply it eliminates the need for the Remote Pinch Off (RPO) and the extra effort needed to install and hook it up. Plus it makes life a lot easier when you have a high thrust line plane like the T-Bird. The timer can be down on the fuselage so there is a straight line to the DT on the tail, or the timer can be mounted on the pylon pod with the DT line run in an aluminum tube to the tail. Click here to see how champion flier Larry Davidson did this on his new 585 square T-Bird with OS MAX .29 power. The application is on the MAX A timer, but the 3F A would be the same.  And it is very easy to move the timer between planes.

This timer  mounts in the same opening needed for the 3F timer but with a different screw hole pattern. We do suggest our plywood mounting plate and dust cover be used to make installation easy as well as reliable.

We strongly suggest using our Split Rings on the DT post to help ensure reliable operation. Never just loop a rubber band or a line on the DT release post. This is a failure waiting to happen. See our Hints for examples of what not to do as well as how to attach lines to the timer.

This is a timer to meet the needs of fliers who are using auto surface control requiring three functions, as well as those who  demand the best timer they can buy for Nostalgia, or AMA Classic.  It uses construction methods to make it a very strong timer. One that is made to take the beating from today's hot and high revving engines. For example, the faceplate is constructed using much thicker metal than our other timers, the rear posts on the clock are soldered in place-no screws to come loose, a special steel screw has been made to hold the scroll and disk assembly to the main shaft. This provides added strength as well as offers a wider slot  for our new winding and setting tool, which greatly adds to the ease in winding the clock as well as setting precise times for the Function 2 delay and scroll DT time.

And, if you will be using big engines with a lot of vibration, this timer is for you. We have incorporated a new type of scroll that has extra deep threads to insure the DT wire stays in place. Plus, the wire used for the DT is 20% thicker than used in the past. This actually DOUBLES the stiffness of the wire.

Perfect for the new F1P event.

We have learned that many of our customers are actually using the second function as a quick DT, an excellent use for this timer.


Is it expensive? It may be, if you are looking for an "el cheapo" timer. I do not make timers like that. Is it really expensive?.

Note on Installation Kit: We do not have the plywood plate that is perfectly sized for this timer. We do have the one for the standard 3F timers, and it is quite close, but you will need to drill your own mounting holes for installation. Until we have the correct one, we are selling the one for the 3F timer for only $3 when ordered with the timer. The dust cover and screws are included. This is better than not using the kit at all.

First 360 Rotation time (seconds)30 21
Maximum DT time (minutes)5+ 3+
Faceplate size (inches)1.08 X 2.50 1.08 X 2.50
Weight (grams)23.9 23.9

***The Texas 3F IIIA timer is sold out.  We can convert a 3F IA timer to the  speed of a IIIA at an added cost of $10.00. The faceplate will still say IA, but it will have  the characteristics of a IIIA.



Texas 3F IA  Price: $80.00 ea.  
***Texas 3F IIIA  Price: $90.00 ea. Converted IA to have speed of a IIIA  
Texas Start on Launch Switch  Price: $30.00 ea.  
Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.00 per bag  
Power Oval Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.50 per bag