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    The FUEL OFF model offers features and advantages not found in competitive products.  Next to our MICRO I timer, it is quite frankly the best pinchoff timer in the world. The fuel line is securely held between two guides so that prop blast or fuel line placement cannot interfere with positive action, ensuring complete shutoff (including pressure systems) each and every time.

   The timer is triggered by a very reliable start/stop wire incorporating the innovative Texas "Stoplock" that actually latches the timer off, eliminating irritating false starts. The mounting plate size is 2.0" x 1.0", and weight is only 15.2 grams, making it lighter than the old and obsolete KSB timers.

We recommend that you use our Installation Kit for this timer model to make the job easier and to help ensure a reliable installation.

Texas Fuel Off   Price: $42.50 ea. 
Small Fuel Line Price: $1.75 per ft
Installation Kit for Fuel Off  Price: $5.00 ea.