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The Texas MICRO I is a 6 gram pinchoff timer that meets the needs of all 1/4A, and many larger models. It is unquestionably the best lightweight pinchoff timer for free flight models ever commercially offered.

 At only 6 grams, the TEXAS MICRO I is the ultimate choice for all small engine applications. Based on an all-plastic clockworks, and using innovative design techniques to eliminate the need for modifying the clockworks in any way, or adding weights to the vibrator that can impact accuracy and reliability, this timer will outperform even the most carefully constructed self-made timer. You can see a typical installation of this timer in a T-bird by clicking here. Many fliers also use a quick DT with this timer. How to do this is shown in the Helpful Hints section this web site and also in this photo of a Starduster X installation. Another similar but different method is shown on this Kiwi installation.

 The TEXAS MICRO I is a true pinchoff (really a snapoff) timer that weighs only 6 grams. It represents a real advancement in a lightweight timer. The unique design lets the clock run at its natural speed, which yields excellent reliability and accuracy. Yet, it can be used with standard thin-wall 1/8th-inch latex fuel line and pressure bladders for a very positive cutoff. A real improvement in the fold-over type of toy timer. Use of the Texas Timers special non-latex fuel line is suggested, as it is impervious to high nitro and direct sunlight, as well as long-term storage, but it is not required.

 Until now, fliers needing a lightweight engine timer for their small models have generally been forced to make their own from salvaged toy clock mechanisms. Some work well, but many did not.

A lot of clocks are destroyed in the process. And, planes can be lost, or an event missed, when an inferior timer fails. Our new MICRO I eliminates the need for the modeler to undergo this stress and frustration; and provides a much better timer.

 C.C. Johnson of Dickinson, Texas published the general concept of such a timer in 1984. In 1997, Keith Fulmer of Mishawaka, Indiana developed several improvements that made it a more useful and reproducible timer. Thanks go to these two gentlemen for their significant contributions. The clock mechanisms used were made on special order for Texas Timers, and to our specifications.

 Although originally targeted for .020 engines, field tests show it is equally suitable for use in 1/2A as well as much larger planes. Because the clock is not artificially loaded with weights on the small vibrator, plane acceleration and vibration effects are greatly reduced, and reliability is increased.

Dick Nelson of Tucson, AZ has a neat way of incorporating a fast DT into the Micro I timer. You can read his description and see photos in THIS PDF. Dick can be reached at pwdn@comcast.net with any questions you may have.

Another different solution is THIS ADAPTATION  by Phil Ronney of the Micro I to work with our Remote Pinchoff (RPO). This gives a little more flexibility in the location of the timer and puts the fuel shut off very close to the engine inlet point, an advantage sometimes to get a very fast closing action.

 The faceplate measures only 1.6 inches by 0.95 inches. The needed fuselage cutout is approximately 1.1 inches by 0.6 inches. Depth required behind the faceplate is about 0.45 inches. The timer can be set for any time up to 20 seconds, or slightly more.

 Modelers wishing to make their own timer can purchase these clock mechanisms at six (6) for $19.50. No instructions, warranty, or help are provided with clock mechanism orders.

We recommend that you use our Installation Kit  for this timer to make the job easier and to help ensure a reliable installation.

Texas Timers MICRO I   Price: $44.00 ea.  SORRY- ALL SOLD OUT. NO MORE
Small Fuel Line Price: $1.75 per ft
Installation Kit for MICRO I  Price: $5.00 ea.