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The TEXAS MINI Timer is identical to the ABC in construction, features, and functions, except it has a reduced mounting plate size for small fuselage models.  The mounting plate size is 1.9 x 0.76" and weight is only 15.2 grams.  A very popular timer for small fuselage models. To see how this timer can be used as a three function VIT timer, click HERE.

We recommend that you use our Installation Kit  to make the job easier and to help ensure a reliable installation. We also suggest you use our Split Rings  for the line connection to the DT post.


Texas Timers Mini  Price: $49.00 ea. SOLD OUT. ALL GONE
Installation Kit for Mini     Price: $5.00 ea.
Reverse Remote Pinchoff (RPO) Price: $16.00 ea. NOT SOLD WITHOUT  TIMER
Small Fuel line Price: $1.75 per ft.
Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.00 per bag
Power Oval Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.50 per bag