Texas Max I Timer

Texas Max III Timer

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The MAX series was designed to meet the need of all NOSTALGIA ,CLASSIC POWER, and AMA (non VIT) class sport and competition fliers.  The MAX  provides the two timed functions (engine run and DT) needed in  these events.  When winning, having fun, and not losing your model are important, you need and expect a timer system that works with accuracy and reliability.  The MAX is perfect for you.

If you don't like, or can't use a fuse type DT, sometimes forget to trip a separate timer, or just want the convenience, reliability, and accuracy of a mechanical timer, the MAX is ideal for you.  A single trip starts both the engine and DT functions, and DT delay can be set to the desired length, relative to launch time.

The MAX is also good for test and small field flights where you want a fast DT.  Or, if the wind is blowing hard, and you need to DT at exactly 2 minutes to stay on the field, the MAX is for you.  Time repeatability is excellent.

A fast turning timer is a real asset in achieving accurate engine run times, particularly when entering flyoff rounds.  We therefore offer two models of the MAX.

The MAX III model is for Category II and III fliers.  The engine run disk turns about 24 seconds per 360 degrees revolution.  The maximum DT time is adjustable from 0 to over 3 minutes.  The MAX I model is for CAT I flying, and the disk makes a revolution in about 36 seconds, with DT time settings up to over 5 minutes.

If you intend to use this timer with big engines having a lot of vibration, we do suggest use of the new design timers. See below explanation. Also see our Vibration topic in Helpful Hints.


Hi Hank--
You are owed a testimonial because of the good performance of the MAX l------
Astrostar 600-K&B 3.5--Max l-- will be starting its third year  in '07. Stab line direct to timer.  
Satellite 1300--Nelson DC .65--MAX l all of '06--very dependable with stab  hold down isolation latch. For '07 will replace with RED DOT MAX l.
New Astrostar 1000--Jett-Fire .60L--will have MAX l from Satellite with isolation latch for '07
All timers are mounted with two pieces of 2mm thick high density  Darice foam sheet --ply base plate with antidust box inside fuselage.
Roy Stewart 4/24/07

The mounting plate is 1.9" x 0.9" and suitable for installation in any 1/2A and larger fuselage.  The weight is 19.8 grams, only slightly more than a single function pinchoff timer, and much less than using two separate timers.  The timer is started with a trip wire having the exclusive Texas "Stoplock" latch feature to eliminate false or self-starts.  A remote pinchoff device is required.

Click here to see one of the largest models ever using the MAX timer

We recommend that you use our Installation Kit  for both of these timer models to make the job easier and to help ensure a reliable installation. We also suggest you use our Split Rings for the line connection to the DT post.

Checkout the MAX A models as an alternative to the MAX.
Checkout the 3F models as an alternative to the MAX

We have changed all of our timers to use a new type of scroll that has significantly deeper grooves to retain the DT wire in the presence of strong vibration, and to use a DT wire that has a 20% increase in diameter, which makes it TWICE as stiff. We have also added solder to the frame assembly posts. These are very noticeable enhancements to the timer.



Texas Timers MAX I   Price: $54.00 ea.
Texas Timers MAX III  Price: $54.00 ea.  SOLD OUT. ALL GONE
Installation Kit for MAX   (either timer)  Price: $5.00 ea.
Remote Pinchoff (RPO) Price: $15.00 ea. NOT SOLD WITHOUT THIS TIMER
Small Fuel line Price: $1.75 per ft.
Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.00 per bag
Power Oval Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.50 per bag