Typical Mount Kit
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Typical Mount Kit and Dust Cover with Timer
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Mounting and installing a timer can be a tedious job when trying to make the opening as small as possible, and still fit the timer correctly. No one seems to like making the plywood mounts, and small screws can be hard to locate when you need them.

We are now offering installation kits for all our timers. These kits are precision laser cut to ensure a proper and reliable fit for the timer. Even the screw mounting holes are accurately precut.

Each kit includes a 1/16 inch thick laser cut plywood plate,  #2 Phillips pan head steel screws for attaching the timer faceplate to the plywood, and a dust cover. Steel screws allow you to conveniently use a magnetized screwdriver to hold the screws while inserting them. Modelers who prefer to use machine screws and NyrodŽ can still efficiently use these plywood plates.

Each timer has a unique installation kit, so you need to specify which kits you want. Click Here to see a typical customer use of this kit.

We now include a dust cover (click to see photos) with each installation kit. These covers mount inside the fuselage during construction and provide an ideal compartment for the timer to keep it clean. The dust covers are vacuum formed from a tough but light weight plastic. As with the plywood plates, the covers are designed for each timer type.

Cost of an installation kit is only $5.00, which includes the plywood plate, a dust cover, mounting screws, and instructions. Screws are also available at 25 for $5.00

ABC Installation Kit: Price: $5.00/each
Mini Installation Kit: Price:$5.00/each
MICRO I Installation Kit: Price: $5.00/each
Ultimate OT Installation Kit: Price: $5.00/each
DT Installation Kit: Price: $5.00/each
Max Installation Kit: Price: $5.00/each
Extra Screws: Price: $5.00/25 screws