Here are Al Lidberg's (Tempe, Arizona) words about his use of the installation kit for his 2.49 cc Elfin diesel powered Strato Streak. It has a 52 in, span with and area of 430 si. Klarish kit and Larsh plans.

Here's the timer installation with the Texas Timer Max III ply installation laser cut plate plus the dust cover CA'd inside. I tack glued the ply plate to the 3/32 sheet side fill and cut around it with a new #11 Xacto blade, then inset the ply. Some balsa colored filler will help the covering job. The Max III uses a remote cut off, so that will be fitted near the NV for the Elfin. The Max III also has a DT function so it's a nice device!! The bottom is still open so I can figure out a tank for this diesel powered model - Probably have to solder one up.  AL



Texas Timers Note: Al inset the plywood which does make for a nice installation, but it does add complexity. We intended for the ply to be glued to the surface of the fuselage side. You can see the clear dust cover through the timer cutout.