I am inserting a couple of pictures of the way I use your micro timers with your remote fuel shut off so you can how I set it up. I simply bend the angled plate that takes the surgical tubing down so its parallel to the timer and out of the way. I then measure and fix the wire with a loop using a piece of thin copper tubing to squeeze the loop in place. This hooks over the scroll wire and is held down by the spring device that formally acted to pinch off the tubing. The white plane is a 600 Spacer with a Fox .29. The Red plane is a A Astrostar with a TD .049. The system works equally well in both planes. I also use the system on my 432 Ramrods. The remote fuel shut off is very close to the NVA and causes a very fast quick acting fuel shut-off. The micro timers seem to handle the extra tension from the RPO easily. The Micro-timers are extremely accurate and when I determine the exact spot to set it I can usually get consistent cut-offs within a tenth of a second on every flight. The timers are also light weight, which is very important in 1/2A planes.

Information provided by Phil Ronney of Northridge, CA.