The MAX A Used with a High Thrust Line 1/2 A Model

The use of a two function timer when the engine and stabilizer are not in the same line is an opportunity for creativity. We showed you how one person solved the need on a large Nostalgia Gas Model (T-Bird). This is how Don DeLoach of Colorado Springs, CO used a MAX A timer on his new 2004 One Design ZERO. This works because the engine pod is not far above the plane of the stabilizer. In this case, he simply mounted the timer on the pylon about mid way. The MAX A has a built-in mousetrap for fuel line pinchoff, so he did not have to run a cable for an remote shut off device like our RPO. Using pressure fuel feed, the engine really does not care how long the fuel line run is. He was able to run his DT line on a slight slope back to the trailing edge of the stabilizer where he uses a guide to turn it up into the TE.


Don has this to say about the plane and his decision to use the MAX A

"I used the max A because I wanted quick DT for test flights, and I prefer to
not use fuses for contest flying. I have an adapter plate for the Micro
pinch off for contest use, with fuse DT, but I haven't used it yet. I am
spoiled by the convenience of the Max A.

All up weight is 7.5 ounces. The model would obviously be lighter and more
competitive if I used the Micro.


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