Using the Texas DT timer with Tow Line Gliders


If you want to start the timer when the tow line releases, the most straight forward way is to use a plastic string to touch the speed regulator or timing gear and pull the string away when the tow line is released. Even a light touch will effectively  stop the timer. These two parts are shown in the below top and bottom views of the DT timer. They are black and made of steel. You can not damage them with anything short of pounding in a quarter inch steel rod. Well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch.

I feel that something like the nylon line used in a string trimmer is perfect for this. This line is stiff enough that it will not fold over and be ineffective, and large (.080) enough that it can not get caught in one of the gears. And, being large, it simplifies hitting the "target". Use a small straw as a guide to keep it in proper position, and just push it into either the regulator on the top or timing gear on the bottom. From the right side, you could go for either of them. You could also fit the string into the existing hole in the front of the faceplate, but unless it is pulled straight out, I can see how it could jam in.

The way one customer has incorporated this on his two line is shown in a series of photos Here

I suggest either cutting off the factory stop wire or making sure it can not engage and stop the timer. I ship them with the wire formed so one has to  lift it up with a  finger to fit the end into the faceplate hole. It should not self engage.

This timer weighs much less and is not as delicate as the no longer produced Seelig, and it is more reliable than the old Tatone or KSB models.

If anyone sees a flaw in this method, I would sure like to know. I would love to receive good digital images of any working set up with my timer that can be published for all to see. I can be reached at