Front of Texas Old Timer B

Back of Texas Old Timer B

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 The Texas Old Timer is our basic timer for use with ignition engine powered free flight.  Every effort has been taken to make this the timer you love to use.   A microswitch is mounted behind the timer, out of the oil, dirt, and rain.  It is driven directly by a cam off the main shaft, so there are no cables, levers, or mechanisms to foul or fail.  The high quality electrical switch used is one of the smallest and lightest available.

   Engine time settings of over 30 seconds are available.  The timer is designed for use with all original wiring systems, as well as with the transistor assisted (SAM legal) units.

   The start mechanism is our proven trip wire with the Texas "Stoplock" that latches the timer in the off position until you trip it.

   A faceplate size of only 2.0"x 1.0" allows it to fit any fuselage, but it is large enough for easy installation.  The knobs on the timer wheel make it convenient to cock, even with oily fingers.  Timer weight with two 9-inch wires is only 22.1 grams.

   The OLD TIMER B includes lengths of pre-installed flexible hookup wire and a snubber capacitor, as well as shrink tubing and strain relief to ensure years of trouble-free use.  Full instructions for installation, use and maintenance are included with each timer.

Bill Schmidt, inventor of the "Schmidt Trigger" used in virtually all of the transistor assist model plane ignition systems, sent us this Drawing and Information to help those just starting out with ignition engines

We recommend that you use our Installation Kit  to make the job easier and to help ensure a reliable installation.


Texas Timers OTB Price: $59.00 ea.
Installation Kit for OTB   Price: $5.00 ea.