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The Texas Ultimate OT represents the ultimate in timer function for any ignition Free Flight. This timer allows you to achieve unprecedented accuracy and reliability. With it you can precisely control your ignition engine run time for 0 to 30 seconds, AND your DT time for anything from 0 seconds up to 5 minutes. What more can you ask for? You only need to trip one switch to activate both the engine and DT time functions. And the switch uses our well-known and preferred Texas Stoplock design so time will not start until you trip it. Vibration, a common problem of less well-engineered timers, will not start this unit. The micro switch is mounted behind the timer faceplate, out of the oil, dust, and rain. Every effort has been taken to make this the timer you love to use.

          You pick the engine run time you want, whether it be a short one for a first test flight, or for all out competition.

         You pick the DT delay time you need. A very short one for those critical first flights when a quick DT can save that prized plane from being re-kitted due to a power pattern or poor transition problem.

         To a longer DT as you trim your glide pattern for optimum performance without a long chase, or for small field test flying.

         To competition DT times, up to 5 minutes

Bill Vanderbeek, the 1997 and 1998 Nostalgia Champion and consistent top SAM Champs contender, suggested the idea for this timer.  Bill has flown with this concept for three years, and feels it is the best timer for any ignition free flight use.

Bill Schmidt, inventor of the "Schmidt Trigger" used in virtually all of the transistor assist model plane ignition systems, sent us this Drawing and Information to help those just starting out with ignition engines


The timer weighs only 26 grams, complete with micro switch, pre-attached 9-inch hook up wires, snubber capacitor, and wire pull strain relief.  This is a ready-to-use timer. All you do is install it.

The timer is compatible with all ignition circuits, as well as any of the transistor assist units.

The faceplate is 2 1/2  X 7/8 inches, so it will conveniently fit any ignition plane fuselage. The fuselage cutout needed is about 2 1/8 X 9/32 inches. The required depth is about 5/8 inches.

Complete installation, use and maintenance information is supplied with each timer.


We get a lot of questions about this. Any time electrical points are opened when they are carrying current, there is a spark. Over time, this spark can degrade the electrical contacts. You have seen this happen to the points in your ignition engine, which is one reason you may be using a transistor assist unit to mostly eliminate the spark there. The electrical switch we use is aerospace grade with the best gold flash contacts available. It is rated for twice the load of a typical sparker engine.  Since you want the hottest possible spark at the plug, the switch contacts must be top grade. They are, and the snubber capacitor keeps them that way because we never expect you to wear out our timer.  In fact, this same switch has been used in hundreds of timers for many years in other timers, and there has not been one, single failure reported!

We recommend that you use our Installation Kit  for this timer model to make the job easier and to help ensure a reliable installation. We also suggest you use our Split Rings with the Ultimate timer for the line connection to the DT post.

Texas Timers Ultimate OT Price: $63.00 ea.  
Installation Kit for Ultimate   Price: $5.00 ea.  
Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.00 per bag  
Power Oval Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.50 per bag