The AX 1806N 2500 kv has proven to be an excellent powerful motor for E-36. It is lightweight (22.95 grams with the radial mount) and it really spins the Graupner 7.5X4 folder blades. It seems to be able to take a lot of abuse and keep on going. The maximum current is given as 8 amps but we run them for such a short time in a flight that it will likely take more than that. The included radial mount is very useful and saves you time and weight when mounting the motor. The diameter of the mount is 0.885 inch (22mm). The motor has three wire leads and comes with no connectors on them. We can do that for you as listed below. To change the direction or rotation, you only switch two wires around. The motor shaft is 3mm, and that fits the folder Hub we offer as well as many other prop mounts. The hex set screw used to hold the motor to the mount is 2mm. A wrench that fits this size is included with our Folder Hub Maintenance Kit. Be sure to tighten these three screws well. I know! Click HERE to see the motor. At request, we also stock the same motor with pre installed 3.5mm Bullet gold plated connectors. See a picture HERE

Selection of a motor can and is a hard thing for anyone who is not an expert in brushless motors, and even then it can be "pot luck". Claims are mostly unsupported and in some cases ridiculous. The excellent motor we offer has the contest winning experience to prove is your best choice for E-36. The SuperPearl 202 sold and designed by Don DeLoach is made for this motor. The included radial mount makes installation and thrust line adjustments a snap. The motor was used on the winning planes at the 2011, and 2012 Isaacson as well as the 2011 NATS. Take the guesswork out of your motor with this one, and go enjoy flying. 

We have added two new motors to our offerings. The C20 2050 KV Red motor is being used by some fliers. It is about 25% heavier (6 grams) (28.75 grams) but capable of producing more power. This motor really comes to life on a three cell battery (3S), so it should be great for the e Nostalgia event

The Texas RED MAX is a really powerful motor. It comes with a nice fiberglass mount. The motor shaft is 3mm, the same as most motors. This is made for Texas Timers by a leading manufacture. You can see the motor HERE. We  have some heads up comparative test data to share HERE. Clint  Brooks has done some testing with this motor on his new Apache II kit and he is reaching near 300 feet altitude on a 5 second run. Sounds pretty darn competitive to me.

We have a custom designed adapter for use with our Red Max motor that makes it much easier to mount on our FF planes that typically have smaller firewalls. This is a really neat product. The same adapter fits our C20-2050 motor and other motors having the same style mounting to the frame. Take a look at it HERE. This adapter comes with the mounting ring, so there is nothing else you have to buy.

Some fliers prefer to use a non folder prop. For this, we offer a nice Prop Saver for 3mm motor shafts. We sell these for below what you would have to pay at your hobby shop. The fitting comes with two (2) O-Rings. You can obtain extras at most large hardware stores. This item can be seen HERE.




Texas RED MAX    Price: $22.00 ea.
AX 1806N     Price: $16.00 ea. All sold out. No more being made. Sorry
C20 2050KV Red; Price: $16.00 ea.
Custom mount for C20 and Red Max motor with motor purchase      Price: $12.00
Custom mount for C20 and Red Max motor stand alone , No motor   Price: $16.00
Install 2mm male banana pins on the 3 motor wires            Price: $5.00
Install Deans male 3 pin connector on motor wires             Price: $4.50

We are pleased to be able to offer these fine propellers to our customers. Although there are lower cost propellers, the Graupner performed the best in the tests we did for our personal E 36.  Of note is a folder is far less prone to breaking in an accident. And, it helps protect the motor shaft from being bent. Of course, it is well known that a folder will provide far less drag in the glide compared to a fixed blade prop. Look at what all the FAI fliers use for confirmation. But, the real advantage is the great performance of the Graupner blades. You can see typical blades HERE.

We have made up our stock of those sizes we believe are most likely to be used for electric free flight. If there are other blade sizes you need, just let me know at Please note that the below blades all have a 6mm hub thickness. That makes them ideal for use with our Hub having a  6mm yoke. Of course, you are also able to purchase spinners and collects elsewhere, but we feel that just adds weight, and a lot of cost.

Our lightweight aluminum Hub has a 3mm motor shaft hole. (5mm option for drone motors) This can be enlarged somewhat, if needed. The Hub uses 3mm alloy steel set screws (grub screws) with cup points to really grab onto the motor shaft. The blades are held with 2mm screws. The Hub weight with all screws is 2.65 grams. See it HERE. 

The late John Oldenkamp, a famous FF competitor, model plane designer, and a top electric flier has this to say about our Hub. "Your hub is, by any measure, the best in the business, bar none".  

As a convenience to you, we offer a Maintenance Kit for the Hub. It includes a 1.5m hex wrench for the Set Screws used in our Hub, four spare set screws, and four spare blade screws. The wrench is a high-torque L-key with a unique profile that distributes pressure on the flat sides of fasteners, allowing you to achieve 20% more torque than with standard hex keys, which grip only with their pointed edges. As a bonus, this wrench also fits the set screws used to hold our motor to the radial mount and and the spare cup point screws can be used with the motor too.

You can see pictures of the blades with our Hub HERE. A single propeller consists of two blades. I sell as a pair of blades.

A wide number of propellers were tested when we first started to fly E-36 under the new rules, and found the Graupner Folder Blade 7.5X4 to be the best on the then standard AX1806N motor. Others came to the same conclusion. Then we found the blades to be near impossible to buy. I wound up loaning out props at the NATS  that year. Consequently, I contacted the HQ in Germany and became a dealer for them, with the understanding I only really wanted the  Graupner props. Since then, the props are readily available from us. I do carry other sizes to meet the needs of fliers in AMA and FAI. We have designed a special Hub to fit the folder blades with 6mm roots. The 6mm Hubs are now made in the USA using full CNC. No, not any better, but I like to buy this way when I can.

Bad news. Graupner has gone belly up. I am not able to buy their props any longer. I do have a very good supply of the 7.5x4 CAM folder, so that is a bit of good news. As my supply is exhausted, those items will be removed from my web site.


 Prop Size (inch)

Cost/2 Blades

4.7x2.4   - 4mm Root


6x3        - 6mm Root


7x4        - 8mm Root No longer stocked. Do not order


7.5x4     - 6mm  Root (a real favorite prop for E-36)


8x4.5    - 6mm Root  No longer available, sorry Do not order


9x5      - 6mm Root


Aluminum Hub ( 2.65 grams) 3 MM Shaft 6mm Yoke


Aluminum Hub ( 2.65 grams) 5 MM Shaft 6mm Yoke (for drone motors)


Maintenance Kit for Hubs (spare screws and a useful wrench)


Graupner CAM SlimProp fixed 8x6 4.8mm bore


Graupner CAM SlimProp fixed 9x5 8 mm bore



This is the "brain"  that generates the power signals to actually run the brushless motor. These are made for the RC market but can be used for FF when mated up with our timer products that provide the type of messages that the ESC normally receives from the RC receiver and transmitter. These come in a a virtually unlimited number of types and sizes. We have picked high quality ones that work great for FF once they are programmed to fit our special needs. The manufacture assumes all users have RC transmitters and receivers so the parameters can be changed. To serve our customers, we preset all ESCs we sell to the desired parameters. Should a customer wish to have the ability to change these presets, we do offer an inexpensive and very easy to use programming card. We buy these ESCs from multiple sources who are known to have quality products at affordable prices. A ten (10) Amp size is adequate for E-36. We do not run the motors for 5 or 10 minutes like the RC guys. We have 15 second motor runs, and this keeps the internal heat down.   As a result of the presetting we do, all ESCs we ship have been tested to some extent so you will not receive a DOA. This is very good for you. The duds stay in our shop. Actually, we rarely see a bad one. Quality does count. The appearance of all these are similar. The have a three wire cable with a connecter that plugs into the ESC connection on our timer board, three wires all the same color that go to the motor, and a two wires (red and black) that connect to the 2 cell (2S) LiPo battery. We offer an optional service where we will provide the suitable connectors AND solder them for you plus adding the insulating  heat shrink tubing. You have two choices on the style of connectors for the motor and one for the battery wires. NOTE: you need to order the Motor, ESC, and Battery with the same connectors or add them yourself. Click HERE to see a typical ESC.  And click HERE to see your connector choices.



This is for the DT models of our timers. The servo moves to release your DT line to the stab. We have shown you several typical ways to do the mechanics of this. Modelers are darn creative people, so many will come up with clever ideas of their own. Like the ESC,  the servo is a generic item, with nearly all having the same connectors to plug into our timer board. The servo sees very little use in our applications compared to RC where they are in continual operation during a normal 10 minute flight. So, we want to pick one that is small (micro) and as low a weight as reasonable. Some really light ones are just not right for our needs. We will source these from several sources to keep costs down and supply stable. The one we are now shipping is advertised as being 2.5 grams, but our scale says it is 3.7 grams with the wire. This is typical of the Chinese.  Click HERE to see a typical servo. Click HERE to see how the servo can be used to release a DT line. We are making available a machined part that was made for another purpose but it can make an excellent precision hinge for the DT release wire. The holes in this three wire holder are drilled for 1/32 music wire. The size is quite appropriate for this use. See this wire hinge HERE



12 A ESC with program for FF                    Price: $20.00
12 A ESC with factory RC program          Price: $20.00
Install 3 2mm female bullet connectors    Price: $5.00
Install Deans two pin polarized conn       Price: $3.50


Servo         Price: $6.00 
Servo slotted wheel  $1.50


The NEW Thunder Power 70C battery is assembled and tested right here in the US!. Yes, we have the NEW battery in stock and are shipping it. I personally tested a variety of batteries and found nothing even close when you look at the weight and fantastic power available. The 70C is really key as it is an indicator of the very low internal resistance. This means we can pull huge amounts of current to haul our plane up like a rocket. The battery weighs only 24.8 grams with the wires and standard JST red connector. Yes, it is a bit costly, but you get what you pay for. Take good care of the battery and only charge it with a good balancing charger. I asked Thunder Power what voltage to expect per cell on new batteries from them. They said 3.8 volts. I measured a random sample of the new batteries received from them and they all were 3.83! Pretty good. Read This to learn about charging a LiPo.

Important notice: We are seeing some requests to put bullet type pins on our 325mah battery for use in E-36 or F1S. We are much opposed to the use of these type connectors on any battery, but for sure the 325 that is used for non F1Q events. Our concerns for safety and possible hazards has led us to have a policy that WE WILL NOT DO IT. There is absolutely no technical or performance reason to use these pins on the 325 battery and coupled with the real safety risks involved, it will not be offered by us.

The use of bullet type connectors in the 2mm and 3.5mm sizes is perfectly acceptable for use on the ESC and Motor wires. For E-35 and F1S, the Deans three pin connector is preferred but not required.



Thunder Power 325mah  70C 2S  Rampage battery  7.4V             Price: $15.00 NO EXPORT ORDERS OF LiPo BATTERIES--SORRY
Install Deans polarized 2 pin connector on battery wires        Price:$3.50



OK, you say you have a charger from years ago and it is a good one. Well, maybe is but perhaps it does not meet the needs of today's high performance LiPo batteries. In the past, most LiPo chargers did not have balancing capability and the batteries did not have balancing connector. This is all changed today. . Balancing keeps all cells of the battery at the same voltage. This "balance" is very important to get the most performance out of the battery and to maintain its' life. Sure, you can buy a separate balancer and do the balancing as an added step to your charging. But, we make it easy for you with the same low cost yet very good charger we have  used for two years. It is perfect for the needs of E-36. No, it is not for a big RC plane. This one is small, light weight, and very easy to set up and use. We even set them up for you to use with our battery. All modern LiPo batteries have two connectors, one for the main battery and the other for the balancing. You can see all you get with this great deal by clicking And, if you still are not sold, Here are the technical specifications. Read This for important information about charging a LiPo. We now include a new type 3 in 1 balancing connector that not only fits our Thunder Power battery but also most of the common types used. This makes it easier for you and fewer things to keep track of. The balancing connector like ours is usually a $12 items in local hobby shops, if you can find one. See this connector HERE and learn where to connect your TP battery to it. 

When you buy our charger we will have tested it before shipping to you, programmed it for the correct settings to work with our Thunder Power battery, and even made you a charge cable with the correct Dean's Micro connector installed. (if you specify this at time of order) It is all ready for immediate use in the field or at home.

One  customer who bought this commented: "Your charger is only $10 more than a piece of crap the hobby shop sold me" (not a balancer, no AC supply, not compatible with the Thunder Power battery, etc.)

Due to weight of  the AC adapter and charger, included  shipping must be $14.00 for US mail. International orders, please ask. US customers, select the $14.00 shipping.





Field and Home Balancing Charger         Price: $55.00
Charger with Deans two pin connector   Price: $55.00